About Us

Set Yourself Up

Being an extreme "set yourself up for success" mother, I pride myself on being prepared.

This picture illustrates why I think renting baby gear on vacation makes sense. See my son in his travel system with a luggage cart full of our gear? We were stuck in the Denver airport during a snowstorm. Not only were there sub-zero temperatures outside, I was alone and had to get him & all of our gear to a hotel for the night!

If you've been there before and are concerned about packing all of the gear for your baby's needs, fear not! We've got you covered. Mountain Baby Outfitters LLC will make that process easier for you and your family when you travel to the great state of Montana.

Please visit our How It Works page and take a look at our products. I will rent everything you need for a day or a week, bring it to you and come pick it up. Mountain Baby Outfitters LLC was created to avert all of the unneeded stress and make your vacation as worry-free as possible.

"Here's to strong, capable and prepared families. And don't worry, it'll be our secret that you had help from Mountain Baby Outfitters." - Katie